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Paul Houston

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Photodissociation Dynamics: Photodissociation dynamics play an important role in atmospheric chemistry, and they also lead to new understanding of heats of formation and dissociation energies important in combustion reactions. Our group investigates photodissociation of molecules and radicals by exciting them with a pulsed laser and using product imaging techniques to measure the speed and angular distribution of a state-selected product molecule or atom. By conservation of energy and momentum, this measurement also provides information about the undetected dissociation fragment. This work is supported by the Department of Energy and by the National Science Foundation. Recent Publications

Bimolecular Collisions:  Energy transfer and reactive collisions are also important in a variety of fields, including combustion, laser operation, and photonics. We explore this area in crossed beams using product imaging to detect state-selected products. This work is supported by the Department of Energy. Recent Publications

Development of Product Imaging:  A key experimental technique that enables studies of photodissociaiton dynamics and bimolecular collisions is product imaging. Since its inception in 1987, our group has actively pursued the development of this technique. This work is supported by the Department of Energy. Recent Publications

Exploration of Biofilms: In collaboration with research groups from Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, and Microbiology, our group is exploring the structure and chemisty of biofilms. Two-photon scanning laser microscopy allows us to construct the three-dimensional structure of the biofilm and to learn how these films are so successful at sequestering heavy metal ions. This work is supported by the Cornell Biodiversity and Biogeochemistry Initiative. Recent Publications

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