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Paul Houston

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Graduate Students, PhD Dates, Thesis Titles (pdf)

An important aspect of our program is the education of undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates.

  • A list of former graduates, postdocs, and undergraduates is available, as is a list of current group members.

  • A list of Ph.D students and their thesis titles is available in pdf format.

  • Professor Houston has taught a number of courses at both Cornell and Columbia. In the fall semester of 2006 he taught Chemistry 780: Chemical Kinetics, while in the spring semester of 2007 taught Chemistry 106: The World of Chemistry.

  • He has also prepared a textbook entitled Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Dynamics, originally published by McGraw Hill and due to be available in Nov., 2006 in from Dover. It is suitable for advanced undergraduates or graduate students. A set of problems and solutions is also available separately.

  • Several invited lectures have been presented at other universities, workshops, and international meetings.

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